We specialize in creating unique and challenging puzzles that showcase the beauty and diversity of most iconic cities around the world.


Our team is made up of passionate puzzle enthusiasts who are dedicated to creating high-quality products that provide hours of entertainment and intellectual stimulation. We take pride in our attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction, and we strive to exceed expectations with every puzzle we produce.

Our story

This is where our story begins:

We sat for a long time in deep thought about how to provide a
healthy, beautiful and simple childhood like the one I had in an earlier era.
If my children, like most children in the world, spend their childhood in front
of screens, such as TV screens, phone screens, computer screens and other
screens of the virtual world.

The interaction and communication between siblings in
particular and family members in general is almost wiped out, if there is
almost no desire to do joint activities that create family bonding.

We decided to put an end to that!

The task was to find a non-screen activity that was fun and
could be enjoyed by the whole family. That's when we decided to turn our
country's most beautiful cities into puzzle pieces. We have provided a wide and
varied delivery service to all parts of the country, so as not to limit the
desire of any child or family to enjoy and spend family time installing

We invite you to be part of our bigger dream. Together we
will try to bring back the beauty and charm of our childhood days, and remind
today's generation that it is possible to have fun and develop thinking away
from screens.